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Why Shopback?
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Ok this time my entry would be in English :-p

Hope you all will enjoy reading this entry coz i want to share something that benefits you especially to whom like shopping!!

Yeayyyyy shopping!!

Have you all heard about Shopback?

Let me tell you a little bit about Shopback, Shopback is a online store but, Shopback not only just online store.. come let me tell you about WHY YOU MUST BUY FROM SHOPBACK

3 Fun Facts About Shopback
Many have the misconception about Shopback Malaysia that it operates as an online store such as Zalora. Well, Shopback is a platform that brings other affiliated e-commerce players featured under one website. For example, if you want to buy any products on Lazada or buy food through foodpanda (see all foodpanda deals here ), you just have to visit Shopback Malaysia and click on the icon that appears. Then, make your purchase as usual. And if you are wondering why not you just continue to make your purchase on the respective websites, and why must you go through Shopback? Here are 3 fun facts about making online purchase through Shopback;

The first reason is because Shopback offers an extra benefit that is - CashBack!
What is cashback?
Cashback or money returns will be credited into your Shopback account within 1-2 working days after you make a purchase at any of the affiliated partners (via Shopback).

Other than cashback, Shopback is also offering coupons  that you can use when you want to make any purchases at the affiliated partners.

And the third fun fact is Shopback is also providing you great discounts. Why pay more when you can pay less?

Here is the list of affiliated partners that you can find on the website (Shopback Malaysia) and the percentage indicated is the amount of cashback you will earn after making the purchase. Wait no more and make your first purchase with Shopback today!

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